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Transport und Einlegen eines IMAX-Films im ROYAL BC MUSEUM.


"Star Wars Awakening":


Der älteste Omnimax-Projektor-Typ (für das erste IMAX System, flat, gibt es noch ältere Projektoren).

Der Vorführer (noch stammend aus der Cinerama-Zeit) ist große Klasse: jeder Handgriff sitzt.


Zum "Oppenheimer"-Einsatz mehren sich Probleme mit dem Aufrechterhalten des Betriebes der 15-70-Projektionsanlagen.

I'm sorry to say that the presentation at the King of Prussia IMAX was abysmal. So much light pollution that the picture was terribly washed out. The contrast was awful on darker scenes. Brighter color scenes were passable. On darker scenes you could also see the overly bright aisle lights casting shadows of the railings on the screen. The whole bottom left corner was lit up. And I guess they don't have properly set up running lights because even though the main overhead booth lights did get turned off, so much light was getting through the view port that it cast a rectangle of light on the top of the screen. The screen is damaged... and it's in the middle. Black lines and brown staining.

As for the print itself, it was fine and most of the damage / dirt was clearly printed in. Spotting and a few hairs, black vertical scratching that had to be from the 5-perf 70 camera or lab since IMAX runs horizontally. Only thing I noticed that seemed to be damage to the print was some light intermittent emulsion scratching running horizontally in the middle of the frame towards the beginning of the film (maybe first hour?). Having never threaded up an IMAX projector I assume it must be slap scratching. It was light enough that a non-projectionist would be unlikely to notice.

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Auch im Lincoln-Center Beschwerden:

Went to AMC Lincoln Square 13 in NYC to see Oppenheimer (70mm, IMax). The theater was clean, the audio was perfect, the lighting fine. But the print...there were major scratches, spots and tons of hair and "stuff" on the print. We went maybe the 3rd day they were showing this film and I was highly disappointed.


Apache Apache

Entweder der gesamte Film oder eben gar nichts in diesem Bildformat. Nolan diskriminiert mit diesen wechselnden Bildformaten nur seinen eigenen Film.


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